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North Star Systems


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Dobsonian Reflector Truss Tube Telescopes Star Tron II


* Star Tron-II-Series 8"F/6 Model *

See! Incredible sharp details of Faint Celestial-Galaxies-Nebulas

* Quality-Features *

Hand - figured - 1/8 wave parabolic pyrex mirrors with enhanced

aluminum coatings - 94% reflectivity

High - quality -" plywood -Dobsoniam-mounts with Teflon

altitude and azimuth bearings for very smooth tracking of the


Rack and Pinion Focusers for accurate precise focusing with

2.25"focus range.

1.25" MULTICOATED 12,5mm plossl eyepieces.

Wing nut collimation adjustment screws for precise optical

alignment of primary mirror cell.

Each telescope 6",8",10" models come complete - no set up!

6"-23lbs, 8"- 31lbs, 10"-44lbs.

Youll see breathtaking views of stars, galaxys, nebulas, planets, star

clusters, Jupiters multi-cloud belt, Saturn rings Cassini division and

earth moon!

Delivery time is 3 to 6 weeks for 6", 8", 10".

Available in three models

6 f/8 $299.00 + $29.00 shipping

8 f/6 $389.00 + $39.00 shipping

10"f/5 $539.00 + $59.00 shipping

*Custom orders *

Call for prices on 12.5 in. and 16in. models.

100 % Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee .

Just return it in new condition within 30 days for a prompt refund

less shipping.

N.Y. delivery addresses must send 7% sales tax with each order.