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Berry pulled out of his garage and went to his park wee he spent most of his time watching the leaves on the trees turn to beautiful shades of orange and red, it was his hobby. He sat at a bench that was antique looking with a wonderful shine. The air was cool and the trees moved softly on a normal autumn coarse. The large pond splashed circular rings as a frog jumped out preparing its home for the winter ahead. Berry took a walk down the leaf-covered path to where he saw the most enchanted mountain collaged with fall trees. The trees in the park were to high so you could only see the mountain when you are on the other side. Berry was a novel writer with a reputation for having much detail in all his books. He used the autumn weather to give him inspiration for ideas. Recently though he has had writers block. I deals were just not coming to him anymore. After time had passed berry had returned to his porch were sat on a swing watching the dark clouds above him merge into a massive ring of darkness. This type of weather is common he thought to himself. Then he wants inside his warm home and turned on his television. There was a storm approaching, alighting storm, which could cause damage to many towns in his area. As he clicked off the television it began to rain with a loud tender wave shaking the trees. The wing gained speed at an amazing rate blowing even trees over, nothing would stand in the tempests path. After a few minutes there was a sudden darkness. A tree must of fallen and brought down an electric line. Fortunately berry was prepared for such an occasion and had a back up power source that was installed in his cellar. Berry traveled down the darkened dreary hallway in search of the entrance to the cellar. The sound from the floorboards brought together against the movement of his feet made an eerie clatter through the dungeon like hallway. As he got closer to the entrance there sat an owl shaped statue atop an oak bookcase. The eyes of the owl followed wondrously around the room. The door opened and a stair way appeared in a haze of dust and cobwebs. The cellar had an emergency light that activated moments after the cellar door was opened. Berry flipped the fuss lid and replaced it with a cord that led to a large square electric device. Once plugged in the device began a steady hum and in seconds all the lights in the house immediately flicked on in one bright flash only seen on the outside. After berry returned to the stairway and noticed an unusual pattern of light swaying in a liquid motion. Until out of the darkness a ghostly figure appeared. The figure had no legs, just a transparent being of the unknown. Berry shocked in horror stood still and didnt move as the being hovered around him. In an immediate thought berry was in fear of what the phantasm will do to him. The ghost vanished after a moment had passed and berry soon wondered if he had imagined it. After some time had passed berry had been alone reading a book in his chair. He relised the time and went to his clock to wind it. The springs clingeg and the key clicked the gears into place. Even though he lived in a modern digital world he still marveled in the brilliant mechanisms inside his grandfathers clock. For it was an heirloom that was passed and restored many times. The clock struck midnight and it was finally time for berry to go to bed. His master bedroom was concealed on all three sides with only a door to enter. Inside a large and luxurious bed sat awaiting its use and purpose with a shiny velvet comforter spread with black colored octagons. Berry sat up on his bed

Wondering about what he thought he had saw to himself, and out of the dark hall before the master room entrance it appeared howling and stalking him as if it was going to drag him away to his grave. But in an instant the ghost stopped and stared at him directly for a few seconds then it vanished in a puff of dust and black smoke. Berry was too tired to spend the entire night trying to hide so he went to sleep and didnt care. He thought to himself that he would not let anything disturb his sleep especially a ghost that mint nothing to him. The next day and the day after, for an entire month, the ghost repeated appearing just staring at him with eyes of black, but it caused no harm to him or even tried. Eventually Berry started to get peculiar about what he was seeing. So he decided to call an exorcist and remove the ghost errantly. The next day men came with a black case to Berrys house. He knocked at the door but no one answered. The door was not locked so when the man got suspicious he turned the knob and to his eyes Berry vanished first transparently then, completely gone without a trace. With no one left to remember him but a stranger who witnessed, such phenomena

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